Welcome to higher education in Ukraine!

We are pleased to inform you about wide opportunities for international students to get high quality education in European country confirming to Bologna standards.
Ukraine is leading European country by the number of higher educational establishments (there are in total 325 state institutions in Ukraine).
Due to the high quality and affordable costs there is a high demand for admissions by international students. Presently there are about 70 thousands international students are studying in Ukraine.
Ukrainian degree is recognized internationally, and welcomed by future employees worldwide.

Up to the legislation of Ukraine there are following academic levels after the graduation from the University:

· Bachelor (4 years of studying);
· Master (1-2 years of studying),
· PhD (Doctor of Philosophy);
· Doctor of Science

The Universities in Ukraine offer Russian and English medium of studies for international students. Those students, wishing to study local language are free to choose Preparatory Faculty and then join the main course.