Admission 2019-2020 is open. Interested to study in Ukraine?
How to become a student in Ukraine?
Are you interested to study in Ukraine? Do you have a dream to become a qualified professional in different areas (Medicine, Economics, Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science)?
There is a plenty of opportunities to get higher education for international student!
There are only few steps you have to follow get admission in one of Ukrainian universities:

Step 1. Documents’ verification.

Please fill the form “APPLY NOW” or send your email request with the scanned documents to [email protected]. The applicant is requested to mention to course he/she wishing to study.
You will inform us with your intend to study in Ukraine.

Step 2. Documents assessment.

Different Universities have different requirements, so each application is supposed to be considered individually.
Once the University verifies the documents the admission confirmation will be issued with the personal data and course details for prospective applicant.

Step 3. Invitation.

Once the admission is confirmed the University must issue an Invitation to Study in Ukraine.
The Invitation is a unique form, registered for specified person (prospective applicant) – is issued on behalf of coordinating company (strictly if licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine). The approval procedure regarding the invitation for each applicant doesn’t take more than a week.
The invitation contains the ID invitation number, student personal data, invitation issue & expiry dates (validity 6 months) and the Name of the University. It is also requested for the Applicant to mention the country where he will apply for his student visa, while invitation application (in case if there is no Embassy of Ukraine in his country).
The Invitation will be send to the applicant post address, so that he / she must provide home address and telephone no in every detail, while applying for receiving the invitation.

Step 4. Getting visa.

Once the Invitation is sent and received by the applicant, it is time to apply for a student visa. Prospective student should apply for a student visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in his native country (or neighboring country, if there is no Embassy of Ukraine)

The applicant should contact the Embassy and check the visa procedure and documents required before applying.
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Step 5. Airport pick up.

Once the applicant obtained student visa he should manage his flight ticket, informing the University about arriving details and come to study caring all the documents as it is required by the University admission regulations.
We strongly ask each and every applicant to provide the information about flight arrival in advance for us to provide airport pick up. It is requested by Ukrainian Law to prepare all the necessary documents at the airport when international student is arriving.

We warmly welcome you in Ukraine!
Hope you will enjoy the studies and life here!
We are ready to assist you in your every step while registering at the Universities, communicating with the Dean Office, shifting in hostel or solving any other issues if any appears in your studentship in Ukraine.
We wish you prosperity and success in getting in higher degree in Ukraine!