Airport pick-up

Kiev (Boryspil KBP) International Airport
Kiev (Boryspil KBP) International Airport

On Arrival

Please inform us of your travel date, the arrival time, flight details and the airport you will land in Ukraine. We will meet you at the airport and prepare all possible arrangements to clear your immigration, and transfer you to the University Hostel. It is requested to provide this information, at least one week before your departure. You will not be allowed to enter Ukraine if there is no one to receive you on arrival. Note that Ukrainian Airport authorities do not allow students to enter Ukrainian territory if not informed of his/ her arrival. This is because of the official Rules and Regulations of Ukrainian Immigration Department. Kindly scan your Air Ticket at least a week prior to your arrival, so we could arrange arrival formalities and inform Airport authorities about your arrival time and flight number in time.


  • Get your ticket as soon as you obtain student visa;
  • Inform us about arrival details in advance;
  • Make sure you took all the documents, requested for registration;
  • Check the funds, to take with you (including tuition fees and for daily expenses)

Kiev (Boryspil KBP) International Airport is the most preferable airport for international students. However, you may also arrive to Dnipropetrovsk (DNK) or Kharkiv (HRK) International Airport. Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian Airline, Aeroflot, Air France and many other Airlines are accessing these airports several times a day. Once arrived in airport, you will have to clear customs and immigration. It is advisable to book all flights as soon as possible because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel in Ukraine. Once you know your arrival time at airport, please inform us as earlier as possible. Students who got their Ukraine visa must inform about their arrival details so that University representative could receive the students in airport. Please send us the scan copy of the booked ticket by e-mail and call on the following numbers: +380502389003 (Viber & Whatsapp also available)

YOU HAVE TO BRING WITH YOU: All the originals of your documents, complete tuition fee package, money for living for several months (250-400USD)

Welcome to Ukraine. At this stage, you will have to go through the university registration process. You will need all the originals of all the documents you used for processing your admission. Next is an in-house medical examination. You will be issued a one year student residential permit, the necessary university and hostel identity cards, academic materials and you are ready for the resumption your first educational experiences studying in Ukraine. If you come in after October , make sure you wear warm clothes and shoes, and bring them as well. You must also bring one year’s valid air ticket with open return date. Have a good flight! And contact us if you have any questions.

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