How to get the invitation for study in Ukraine?
The Invitation – unique form, registered for specified person (prospective applicant) – is issued on behalf of coordinating company (strictly if licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine). It is required for an applicant to provide the documents for prime verification at the chosen university (you must send scan copies of Secondary School Certificates with the subject grades together with your passport via email). The approval procedure regarding the invitation for each applicant doesn’t take more than a week. The Invitation will be send to the applicant post address, so that he might provide full package of documents while applying for a student visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in his native country.
What is preparatory faculty? What is it for?
Preparatory Faculty is specific 1 year course (6-9 months). Students learn Russian language and also go through fundamental disciplines with regards to their future specialty (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geography, history). On completing of Preparatory Faculty international student obtains right to study in Russian.
In case if international student wishes to study in English he (she) may join the University not passing the Premedical Faculty.
Deadline to apply to Ukrainian universities
Apart from receiving the Invitation for study, it is necessary to secure enough time for student visa process (must be clarified directly from the Embassy of Ukraine). The academic year starts on 1st of September, although it may be postponed for international students who arrive later. In such manner, the deadlines to apply for admission to Ukrainian universities comes in the end of September.
Is there entrance examination in order to be admitted to Ukrainian University? Is TOEFL / IELTS requested?
No, if the University has approved the candidate and issued the admission confirmation letter. In the same time each applicants details are considered individually with regards to grades level. No, TOEFL / IELTS certificate is not by the Universities in Ukraine.
Terms of fees payment required by Ukrainian universities?
It is necessary to pay school fees per year due to Ukrainian legislation.
What is the process of NOSTRIFICATION?
In case if a student studied at the University in his homeland does he have to legalize the transcripts in order to continue the studies in Ukraine. Yes, the student must legalize his transcripts, obtained in his native country before coming to Ukraine, in order to make it ready for nostrification process. Nostrification is result of subject balancing, attested by the Ministry of Education and Science, which certifies the eligibility of international student to join the University starting from senior course.
What is the rank of Ukrainian universities and accreditation worldwide?
Can one get job in native country after studying in Ukraine?
Yes, degree obtained from public educational institutions of Ukraine is valid educational certificate on a global basis. In the same time there may be different accreditation levels, specifically for various countries, which must be clarified for each institution separately.
What kind of baggage is allowed to carry for a student?
If there is no general limit for the weight of baggage, there is 20-25 free kilo. The extra weight is to be paid up to the flight company rates. It is recommended to carry only necessary staff (warm clothes, coat, hygiene items), and buy the rest in Ukraine.
What is the school break at Ukrainian universities?
There are two semesters in academic year. The first semester lengths from September to January; the second semester – from February to June. Thus summer holidays secured during July-August, and winter holidays are given in January.
Is it possible to combing work and studies for international students?
Of course one will get skills advantages from practical experience while studying. However it will take some time and lessen the studying energy to attend lectures. So one may get some few (4-5) working hours in a week. The students primarily should concentrate on their studies at the University in order to get high quality education.
Life and health insurance is compulsory for international students?
It is compulsory for international student to take out an insurance policy every year till the end of the course. Responsibility for the procedure is caring by the University.
Do the universities in Ukraine provide accommodation and food?
All the universities in Ukraine provide student hostels. In the same time student may choose to live separately and rent a private flat. There are different types of canteens at the Universities, where one may find suitable food with regards to culture and religion for affordable prices.
How is safety and living standards in Ukraine?
Somehow it was noised about military moves in South-East of Ukraine. The real situation although turns to be politically focused issue, falsified by media and not relating to students and foreign nationals all the more. Ukraine initially is peaceful, cultured and advanced nation. Presently there is favorable environment secured for international students within Ukrainian society. All of them used to feel sympathy and support on the side of lecturers and neighbors. UkrStudy ensures security and comfort with all responsibility and acts as an official guarantor of safe and high quality education process.
What may become a reason for expulsion of international student?
The university may expel a student due to the following reasons:
– academic failure;
– non-compliance with the terms of the contract (i.e. school fees payment);
– student own free will.
Does the international student need to register visa on arrival to Ukraine?
Once entered Ukraine and registered in the University student must submit the document for residence permit in Ukraine (strictly within 10 days after entering the country).
What are monthly expenditures for student type living in Ukraine?
Overage expenses for a student need will not exceed more than $250 per month.
How can parents do money transfer for their child to Ukraine?
Parents may easily send money through Western Union or deposit funds on account held on student name in Ukrainian bank.
What is the spoken language in Ukraine?
Ukrainian is national language; people speak Russian and English although.