• Kharkiv International Medical University - KhIMU

      1st international medical university of the European level.

    • www.khimu.edu.ua
    • Kharkiv National Medical University - KNMU

      Est. 1805

    • www.ksmu.kharkov.ua
    • Economics, Business & Management Universities

    • Economic education in Ukraine.
      Good education - a decent future!

    • Aviation Universities.
      Aerospace engineering.

    • Facts: The world's largest aircraft. Made in Ukraine!
      Become a professional.Don't miss your chance!

    • Higher Engineering Education in Ukraine is recognized worldwide

    • Computer science, systems, network & information technology
      Mechanical & machine engineering
      Oil and Gas / Petroleum engineering

    • Ukraine - not only the geographical heart of Europe

    • There are more than 800 institutions of higher education.

Our advantages

Study with us

That is right choice to come and study in Ukraine for those who seek high quality education at a reasonable price.
Since middle 90-ies the number of international students obtained higher degree from Ukrainian universities has several fold increased and reached 70 000 foreign nationals in 2015.
International students are interested in gaining diploma in Ukraine for variety of reasons. Ukrainians are advanced, multicultural and open-minded nationals. It is immediately obvious that hospitality and sociability towards international guests who come for visit or study in Ukraine are essential and sincere character of Ukrainian people.
Ukraine in itself is amazing, picturesque, and diversified European country, where one may really enjoy studentship while studying at Ukrainian higher education establishment.
Apart from social and human aspects Ukrainian universities guaranteed provide high quality education, recognized worldwide. In such manner Ukrainian degree will offer exciting opportunities for getting job in countries all over the world.

Education system in Ukraine is simple and comfortable for both national and international students:

· Academic year consists of 2 semesters (September – January; February – June)
· Duration of the course:
– Bachelor – 4 years
– Master – 1-1,5 years
– PhD – 2-3 years
– Preparatory Language course – 1 year.
· Regular practicing while studying and final residence
· International Student Exchange Programs
· Currently there are national 2.000.000 students and 70 000 international students studying at 325 Ukrainian Universities

Universities of Ukraine