Kharkiv University of Air Force

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The Second World War gave a strong push to further aviation progress, air defense missile troops and artillery. Thus air force engineering schools faced the hard task to prepare qualified aircraft personnel strong enough to adopt new types of weapons. New faculties and departments have been soon created. The number of professions for training of commanders, aircraft engineers has been significantly increased.Foundation of Kharkiv Air Force University is related to the air force and aeronautical education, graduating aircraft engineers and flight operators.
Over the years of history more than 125,000 officers have graduated from Kharkiv University of Air Force.

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine (after Kyiv). 3/4 century ago Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine. Kharkiv has a rich cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial life. City hosts hundreds of industrial companies. Even during the crisis the city is developing. New hotels are being built. Transport system of Kharkov is one of the best in Ukraine. Kharkiv metro is 35 km long and has 28 stations. There were new fast trains laucnhed to connect major cities of Ukraine.
Kharkov Airport has been renovated and new connections are being launched almost every half a year. The most popular landmark of Kharkiv is the Freedom Square (Ploshcha Svobody), the third largest city square in Europe, and it takes the 7th place when speaking about the world.

Among graduates of the University there are 578 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 28 twice Hero of the Soviet Union whereas Marshal Ivan N. Kozhedub became three times Hero of the Soviet Union.Among university graduates there are numerous Deputy Commanders of the Armed Forces, commanders of the army and divisions, 415 generals, Academy of Sciences Members, Laureates of State Prize, Doctors of Sciences, Honored Workers of Science. There are more than 5,000 students studying at the University today.

The research and academic staff of Kharkiv University of Air Force contains 48 doctors and 394 PhD. Among them, 55 professors, 186 Assistant Professors, 103 Senior Research Fellows, 1 Laureate of USSR Council of Ministers, 15 Honored Scientists of Ukraine, 1 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 2 Honored Inventors of Ukraine, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 2 Excellent Graduates School, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 3 Distinguished Innovators Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Higher School, 2 Honored Coaches of Ukraine.

Kharkiv University of Air Force is glad to greet foreign students from all over the world to express their interest in studying respectful majors of aircraft maintenance. With regards to the rules and regulations of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science it is requested for international applicant to provide the documents for prime verification and confirmation in order to get admission to Ukrainian university. So we would ask prospective applicant to send scan copy of the passport and education background (secondary school certificate) on University e-mail address. Once the documents are confirmed we’ll inform prospective student with the academic offer. It is also necessary for international applicant to get student visa in order to pass the admission-registration procedure at the University on arrival to Ukraine. Respectfully the Invitation to study will be sent to the post address of the applicant.

University provides well equipped hostel accommodation for students.
Hostel has comfortable rooms for students living, with all the necessary facilities for students’ comfort and daily needs. The University territory contains also a three-stored canteen, with modern dining halls and highly skilled service personnel, providing students with high quality meals suitable for different cultures and religions. Meanwhile there are more then 50 ethnical Ukrainian cuisine dishes available for international students to taste.