Kharkiv Institute of Banking of the University of Banking


• Faculty of banking (Russian Medium)
• Economic Faculty (Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department

Kharkiv Institute of banking was founded on May, 1944 as Kharkiv Accounting and Credit Technical School of the USSR State bank. Since the year 1991 it had become the National Bank of Ukraine property and subhead.

Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, and also it’s the regional center of the Kharkiv region. Kharkiv is founded in 1654. The population is about 1.5 million people. Kharkiv is a large industrial center of Ukraine. The basis of the productive capacity of the enterprise is high-tech industries: power engineering, electrical engineering, transport and agriculture engineering, instrumentation, electronics, aerospace. Production of many of Kharkiv enterprises is known on the world market, including high technology, such as modern tanks, aircraft and turbines.
Due to its convenient geographical position, Kharkiv for centuries expanded its economic strength and developed a system of transport communications. Today it is a very major transportation hub:
Kharkiv is a city with rich cultural traditions. There are 6 major theaters: the Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of N. Lysenko, the Ukrainian Drama Theatre of T. Shevchenko, the Russian Drama Theatre of A. S. Pushkin, the Theater of Musical Comedy, the Theatre for Children and Youth, the puppet theater. In addition, there are a lot of theater groups, theaters studios and amateur theaters. Kharkov boasts a large number of museums, concert halls (including the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music). The city has a lot of libraries. There are more than 6.5 million books and periodicals in funds of the State Scientific Library of Korolenko, among which are rare and unique. The Kharkov regional philharmonic society holds Great job of organizing concerts and promotion of musical art. The circus, zoo, dolphin are popular among residents and visitors alike enjoy.
Kharkiv is sports city. There are all conditions for sports and education of future masters and champions.
There are 19 stadiums, 850 sports fields, 363 gyms, 19 pools, 40 tennis courts, and the golf club.

In the course of its existence Kharkiv Institute of banking had prepared about 37 thousands of specialists. The well-know Ukrainian bank leaders, the banking business managers, professionals who hold different positions in the system of the National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks and its subsidiaries are among the graduates of Kharkiv Institute of banking.


All students are provided with a place in a dorm.
Rooms in the dorm are for 2 or 3 persons.
Students can use a kitchen and dining room, have all conditions for studying and recreation.