Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

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• Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Radio-engineering (English/Russian Medium)
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• Faculty of Electronic Devices (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Electronic Engineering (English/Russian Medium)
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• Preparatory Department

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics begins its history with the establishing of the Kharkov Institute of Civil Engineering (KHISI) in 1930. In 1944 Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute was transformed into the Kharkov mining and industrial of the coal industry of the USSR (HGII), and in 1947 – into the Kharkov Mining Institute.
In 1962 Kharkov Institute of Mines converted into Kharkov Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering (HIGMAVT), and under the title Institute operates until 1966 and then gets a new name: the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (HIRE).
In 1993, the Institute of Radio Electronics is assigned university status, and it is renamed the Kharkov State Technical University of Radio Electronics (KhTURE). In 2001, the Kharkiv State University of Radio Electronics acquires the status of national and becomes Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE).

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine with a Population of over 1, 5 million people. The city is situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine, on the border of two landscape belts – forest-steppe and steppe, near the junction of the Lopan and the Udy rivers, that flow into the Seversky Donets.
Kharkov is also called as the City of Students – by the number of higher educational institutions and Universities Kharkov stands first place in the Ukraine including one of the best universities of foreign USSR (Kharkov State University), all-Ukraine famous Law Academy, Aviation Institute. More than 188,000 students, from all around Ukraine and foreign students from 50 countries come to study in its institutes and universities.
Kharkov is a very green city. Tourists like this city because of wonderful parks and squares. The main square in Kharkov is the biggest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Historical museum, cathedrals, churches, theaters, exhibitions – there are a lot of interesting places in Kharkov you will be able to visit.
Kharkov has much to offer in the cultural and architectural arenas with its wide tree-lined boulevards and historical buildings. Kharkov is a major industrial center that includes companies specializing in electronics, engineering, aviation, food and chemical production, etc.
Climate in Ukraine is temperate-continental, but for the Crimea where there is a subtropical climate. Winter is long, snowy and cold, average temperature in January is – 6 Celsius degrees (21 Fahrenheit degrees). The coldest month is February. Summer is not very hot, average temperature in July is +19 Celsius degrees (67 Fahrenheit degrees). In July and August the thermometer gauge can raise to +35-40 Celsius degrees, but more often it stays at + 25, 30 Celsius degrees. Change of seasons is very distinct in Ukraine, snowy winter, flowering warm springtime, hot summer and gilded autumn.

There are 12000+ students studying at the University, ~8000 for full-time students, ~4000 study by correspondence, ~200 graduate students.

The University has 682 teachers, there are 254 docents, 101 professors, 333 candidates, 49 doctors among them.

More than 20 years in one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine – Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics at the Faculty of the academic is working on teaching students from near and far abroad.
According to the decision of the Academic Council of KHIRE of December 27th, 1991 and order of Rector № 01 of January 2nd, 1992 the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students (PFFS) was created which started preparing foreign citizens for their further education in Russian and Ukrainian in engineering, medical (pharmaceutical), economic and humanitarian higher educational establishments of Ukraine and CIS countries.
2009 – Pre-University School for Foreign Citizens was re-organized into the Center of Foreign Citizens Training. Murad A. Omarov, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, first became the Dean and then after reorganization the Head of the School.
The faculty of education of foreign citizens (FOIG)
You will become highly demanded and specialist in the field of modern computer technologies;
You will receive a bachelor’s degree and European standard Master;
You will be able to continue the education in graduate school not only our university, but also any university of the world;
You will be able to participate in fun and exciting student festivals and contests, sports tournaments and competitions, acquainted with the culture of Ukraine and the city of Kharkiv;
You will spend unforgettable years in Ukraine and make new friends.

University campus have all the conditions for study and rest of students. Students live in comfortable rooms for 2-3 people. In hostels there are equipped gyms with modern equipment, chess clubs, cafes, sports club “Metalist”, Interclub, student theater, rooms for music lessons and conduct musical evenings, a permanent exhibition of student work. All the hostels are equipped with a computer network. Created a comfortable environment for the students live.