Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy


• Stomatology (English/Russian Medium)
• General Medicine (English/Russian Medium)
• Pediatrics (English/Russian Medium)
• Medical Nursing (English/Russian Medium)
• Orthopaedic Stomatology (English/Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department

Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy is the leading state higher educational institution in training both physicians and dentists. The Academy started its activity in 1921 as the Odontologic Faculty of the Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967 the Institute was transferred to the city of Poltava and renamed as the Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute, which in 1994 was granted the highest (IV) accreditation level and the status of the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Its accreditation level IV was confirmed in 2004.

Poltava is the city of Ukraine and administrative center of Poltava region. It is situated on the North-East of our country, on the Pridneprovskaya lowland and lies on the banks of the river Vorskla. The first documentary record about the city dated in the XII century.
Poltava is situated in the Eastern part of Europe, in 301 km to the East to Kiev.
In general our city climate is temperate, continental with chilly winter and warm (sometimes sultry summer). Average temperature in January according to long-term observations is 6.8 degree centigrade below zero. Summer is warm and dry. The hottest month is July, as a rule. Average temperature in July is 20.9 degree centigrade above zero.
There are 12 higher educational establishments on the territory of our city.

The scientific potential of the UMSA is represented by 82 Doctors of Medical Science, 316 Candidates of Science, 75 professors, 174 assistant professors, 2 winners of the Ukrainian State Prize, 8 Honoured Science and Technology Workers of Ukraine, 6 Honoured physicians of Ukraine. There have been a number of considerable changes at the Academy for the last decades having raised our higher institution on a new competitive level ofspecialist training and implemented the latest modern technologies of education. A great reputation of the Academy was confirmed by two Silver and one Bronze Medals received at the International Exhibition of Educational Institutions “Modern education in Ukraine- 2001, 2002, 2004”.

There are 938 international students from 42 different countries. There are Stomatological and Medical Faculties, the Preparatory Faculty for international students training, the Postgraduate Faculty and the preparatory training course Department. A medical college, training bachelors and junior specialists, has been founded based on the UMSA.

Academy offers – several hostels, dining room, a sports complex, vivarium, a sports camp, a library and reading rooms, assembly hall.